IOT and Smart Solutions

We in BMS Plus integrate the IOT platform software with the control system, and link with the smart sensors/ devices in the large scale process to achieve a complete smart system solution that enables our customers to get the maximum benefits from the technology for controlling, monitoring, trending, reporting, and many powerful tools that give them a powerful tools to manage, operate and maintain their process continuity with a maximum production rate and les cost for operation and maintenance all the time.

SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture - The SCADA system without limits
SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture is designed for applications of large scale and high complexity as well as projects with special requirements on system prerequisites and customized functionality. With SIMATIC WinCC OA, you can build vendor- and platform-independent SCADA systems that are scalable and offer unlimited global access over the web – even over native iOS and Android user interfaces or browser-based clients. Due to the scalability and flexibility, it is the perfect choice to create solutions including centralized control stations and geographically widely distributed systems.

BMS • Text and Image
BMS • Image and Text

The Industrial Internet of Things: It’s Here, It Works, It’s Ignition

Ignition IIoT by Inductive Automation is an end-to-end Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution that combines the amazing efficiency of the MQTT data-transfer protocol with the unlimited data acquisition and development power of the Ignition industrial application platform. With Ignition, you can easily connect to plant-floor and field devices at the edge of your network, and push data from thousands of devices across numerous sites through a central MQTT infrastructure to both industrial and business applications.

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